About Sightlines / RNC Angling Club

Barry Morris is Lead Project Officer for Enrichment Support at RNC.

Having been a keen angler for over 40 years, and having taken a few students fishing, Barry decided that it would be good to learn how to teach fishing to others. In 2006 he attended the Dreamstore Academy at Pershore College, and qualified as a Level 2 coarse angling coach.

Barry decided he would like to specialise in angling for the visually impaired (VI), as it seemed as if no-one was else was taking a lead in this area. Through this idea, he became involved with the British Disabled Angling Association and Dreamstore UK.

With new fishing kit from Browning, and a modest budget from Dreamstore UK to pay for our basic costs, any visually impaired student, or staff, wanting to learn to fish, can do so for free. Through the Environment Agency we have been able to secure free rod licences for our activity.

There are often students at the College who are regular anglers and many more waiting to have a go. I have been joined in the RNC Angling Club by Dave Newman, and other volunteers, which has extended our resource greatly.

Angling is a wonderful enrichment activity. The wide range of age groups passing through the college means we have extended Every Child Matters to Every Person Matters (EPM). Angling fulfills every aspect of EPM, as well as providing a recreational activity that learners can continue as a pastime after leaving the College.

Barry’s ambition is to coach the first VI angler to be part of a National Angling Team… and perhaps with Dreamstore’s help that ambition might be fulfilled!