2006 Dreamstore Active Awards place spotlight on angling accessability

Left to right; Rhys Llywelyn, Fishing Wales winner of Conservation Award and Best Business/Agency Award, Richard Wightman, Environment Agency Sponsor of Group Award, Simon Henton, winner of Individual Award, Chris Reece, collecting on behalf of CWM HEDD Fisher winner of Social Inclusion Award.

The weekend’s 2006 Dreamstore Active Awards, sponsored by Bank of Scotland Corporate held at Chesford Grange, Warwickshire, highlighted a range of groups, projects and individuals that have made a huge contribution to society through angling over the past year. The awards are not about the fish, equipment or celebrity – the awards are about people and organisations generating change for the better, for others.

A Dreamstore spokesman said:

Dreamstore Active created the Awards night to highlight the tremendous work and effort that goes into activity that may otherwise be overlooked or passed by. The underlying message of the Awards is that an awful lot can be achieved by those dedicated to doing their best, and underscored by a vision and passion to achieve.”

There were five Awards presented at the black-tie
Dreamstore Active Awards Dinner:

Social Inclusion Award sponsored by Dreamstore UK

CWM HEDD FISHERY near Newport, South Wales: Cwm Hedd has opened access to fly/trout angling for everyone. It is a family environment that has all the necessary components that define an accessible fishery: good parking, toilets, a place to eat, well designed pegs, good location, coaching programmes and plans in place for further improvement. Its forethought has created one of the most accessible fisheries in Wales.

Conservation Award sponsored by Dreamstore UK
& Best Business/Agency Award:

FISHING WALES has successfully combined an improvement to infrastructure of natural habitats on around 350km of river, added drive to generate interest through local participation projects, and an improved angling experience for the tourist. It is the combination of improved environment, a social impact in bringing so many together to volunteer and support, and the economic benefits that has resulted in combining the Conservation and Best Business/Agency Awards for 2006. Improvements in conservation, attitudes and tourism on the scale achieved might well alone have justified the spend of £5.2 million, but more so when the spend in the region on angling tourism amounts to an increase of over one third in three years from £67 million to almost £100 million.

Group Award sponsored by The Environment Agency:

Breckland Angling Coaching Club: This Club is entirely dedicated to coaching and increasing angling participation through angling. With an emphasis on education, this group has engaged with schools, adult learning, English as second language groups and has even made angling hi-tech with an ICT project to encourage young people to photograph, transfer and write up their angling experience on laptops at the water side. The group is sponsored by the GMB Union, local tackle outlets and local businesses and, most importantly, supported by a team of volunteer coaches.

Individual Award:

Simon Henton, Managing Director LEEDA, Chairman ATA (retiring): Our individual Award is being presented to someone who has helped raise the profile of angling and endeavoured to increase interest through National Fishing Week. It is someone who has made angling equipment more accessible by selling to retailers big and small. Simon Henton’s approach is characterised by an open-minded determination and a refreshing focus on increasing the sum total of angling participation.

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