A windy Loch Walton

It was a windy Loch Walton on Sunday 16th September when the Members hosted young people from Blairgowrie, Angling for Youth Development, and the Menteith Cormorants, along with coaches and volunteer supporters. Reports are that the experience fishing from the boats was like fishing in the North Sea, with rain like stair rods, reflected in one of the very few photos from the day. Even so, a number of 3lb fish were landed.

Everyone welcomed a hearty lunch provided by the Members.  After lunch some of the participants decided to fish from the Loch’s bank as there was a consensus over lunch that a more stationary approach might prove more productive in the prevailing weather conditions!

A big thanks to the Members of Loch Walton who provided a special opportunity to fish this outstanding venue. Weather notwithstanding, everyone had a great day.