Dreamstore Academy has closed

For those who qualified from Pershore, First4Sport retain your records.

For those qualifying after Pershore, the Dreamstore Academy qualification is a fully SQA accredited course. For your reference the Code is G974 45 Sports Coaching Angling: and the Units are F173 11 Coach Participants and Develop Personal Practice: Angling, and F17E 11 Plan and Prepare a Series of Coaching Sessions: Angling, and the qualification is recorded in your personal SQA SCN account.

No qualification ends with the closure of the Academy, though you will need a current First Aid Certificate to keep the qualification up to date. If you are coaching, you will need to be covered by either personal or group public liability insurance and have all necessary child protection checks in your jurisdiction, again either personally or through the group with which you are working.

If you have a query in respect of your Coaching qualification delivered at Dreamstore Academy please ask here. This contact form will be open until October 2021. We will be monitoring the mailbox from time to time.