Pre-course Questionnaire


This course is a coaching course. You are required to have an essential knowledge in your chosen discipline of sea, coarse or game angling. To test your knowledge answer the multi-choice questionnaire below and an email will tell you how well you have done. Over 80% tells you that you are ready for the course. Less tells you that you need to do some homework before you register (how much will be clear).

As a coach hoping to teach others, it is possible to teach beyond your own capability as an angler. Even then, you must have an understanding of the basics that (at Level 2) would raise beginners to a place where they are competent anglers, able to enjoy their fishing and, if very good, consider taking more advanced angling courses.

Choose your discipline below and complete the questionnaire.

An email will be sent to you with the percentage of correct answers – a copy of the results is also sent to the Academy for record. The email with your result will contain a link to the registration of interest page for Dreamstore Academy.