Active Learning Support

Active Learning Support Ltd (ALS) was formed in 2011 and focuses on the design and delivery of educational programmes for all ages and academic levels.  Its primary focus is to use radio controlled vehicles as a delivery mechanism. However, in response to feedback from a client, it has developed a programme format for fishing activities as well.  With a focus on fun – ALS designs educational activities focusing on developing both transferrable skills and generating an interest in the STEM subject of science, technology, engineering and maths.

ALS’s Alan Leighton has always enjoyed the pursuit of fishing as the ideal way to relax – a bit of time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  For a number of years Alan has mentored a young man by the name of James.  James has learning difficulties but enjoys a full, active and independent life.  At James’s request Alan agreed to take him fishing, to teach him the importance of safety and the need for patience combined with accepting there was no guarantee of actually catching a fish!

Money being tight meant that having access to equipment, bought with the Dreamstore Small Grant, solved the problem and the training began… 2013 became the year that James became a fisherman and caught the fishing bug!

James making his first catch
First catch, bigger and better to come…

James is already making preparations to go fishing as soon as the weather changes and the lighter evening are upon us.

Thanks to Dreamstore’s Small Grant funds – making a difference, improving people’s lives.