Awards Criteria

  • Social Inclusion Award
  • Conservation Award
  • Best Agency or Business Award
  • Group Award
  • Individual Award

Social Inclusion Award

For the individual or group that has best encouraged social inclusion of alienated or disadvantaged individuals, singularly or in a group project, that has clearly defined and measured outcomes.

To be nominated:

The project must actively involve individuals or groups from an alienated, disadvantaged background, or categories of people who might not usually be attracted to fishing, whether women or ethnic groups.

Inclusion must necessarily provide access to fishing in a way that enables the individual to participate fully at a level no less than any other member of the local community, fishing club or society.

It may be that the project has been one to help and assist just one individual, or to engage with an entire community or group.

Merit will be given to projects that:

Are able to provide evidence of success by way of clear measurable criteria. Show how publicity has been approached with tact and with an understanding of the participant individuals or groups.Include and promote elements such as:

  • Positive role-modelling
  • A gain in self-esteem by participants
  • Team work
  • Good citizenship

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Conservation Award

For the individual or group that has generated an outstanding improvement to the ecology or surrounding environment of a fishing amenity.

To be nominated:

The project must benefit fishing, even though it is not initiated or organised by an Angling Club or organisation. A benefit to fishing must play a part, however small, of the objectives of the project.

The project must demonstrate a measurable improvement to the state of a specific, well-defined stretch of water; for example; a beach, a distance of water, a pond, a lake, or a distance of canal.

The need for the project must be quantified: for example; the water was polluted by industrial discharge, the water had become a dumping ground for shopping trolleys etc, or the bank/space had become dilapidated or fallen into a state of disrepair.

Merit will be given to projects that:

Have involved the approval or advice from a recognised environmental agency or organisation, or from a properly constituted local ecology or environmental group.

A clearly annotated record of ‘before’ and ‘after’ – written diary, official acknowledgement, video or photographic evidence. This must include an account of any difficulties encountered, and how they were resolved.

Show imagination in gaining funding for the project.

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Best Business/Agency Award

To a Government, Non Governmental Agency or commercial business that has best supported fishing, whether as core or incidental to its main activity.

To be nominated:

An organisation must be nominated by someone, or by another group body, who is not a member or that organisation, has no formal association with that organisation, and is not employed or engaged by that organisation in any way.

Support may be financial direct or indirect, through gift, grant or sponsorship, or ‘in kind’ by providing expert advice or lending equipment or manpower to an endeavour.

The organisation must have undertaken activity that has provided support in such a way that without that support the benefit to fishing would have been diminished or would not have accrued at all.

The support can be specific or general, incidental or core, ad hoc/one-off or incremental over a period.

Merit will be given to projects that:

Where any financial gain is exceeded through the goodwill or benefit to the fishing.

Where there has been the potential of little or nothing happening were it not for the intervention of the agency or business.

Where the agency or business has been modest in sharing credit for their undoubtedly valuable contribution to the success of the recipient individual or group, or project.

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Group Award

For a Club, Association, or Society that has demonstrated an ability to generate and sustain membership, and undertaken innovative and imaginative programmes or activities that have opened participation to new anglers and provided a welcoming environment to all those who take part in Club, Association, or Society activities.

To be nominated:

The Group must be properly constituted and be organised for the sole purpose of promoting some aspect of Fishing/Angling. Membership of a Group must have shown improvement over a period of time and that this improvement has been the outcome of a positive effort by the Group to increase membership. That improvement in membership includes individuals who might otherwise have not either joined the Group or participated in fishing. That the Group has an open door policy to membership and to engaging with others. The Group undertook a distinctive initiative or programme that merits particular acknowledgement, even though it did not achieve the intended improvement in membership numbers. That the Group has made an outstanding contribution to fishing.

Merit will be given to projects that:

Where the Group has made an impact that is above and beyond its size or apparent resource. The way in which the Group has approached its objectives, where it understood the desired outcome of its work but demonstrated outstanding resourcefulness in achieving its objectives. Tenacity, persistence and resolve.

The involvement of others outside the Group who are engaged to help and assist even though their primary interest is not that of fishing.

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Individual Award

To the individual who has done most to promote and encourage fishing as an enjoyable pastime, and to encourage responsible participation among new enthusiasts.

To be nominated:

Anyone involved in fishing in any capacity.

Recognition will be given to individuals as individuals, or to those whose presence or contribution has made a distinguishable difference to the performance of a group or organisation.

There must be a clearly stated reason and justification as to why this particular individual, rather than any other, deserves to have his endeavours recognised.

There should be an explanation of the quality of the individual’s contribution to fishing, as a person and in the nature and value of that contribution.

Merit will be given to projects that:

  • Where the individual has gained little or nothing financially.
  • Where anyone could have done something, but no-one else did.
  • Where the quality of leadership shines through.
  • Where the qualities of the individual have inspired and encouraged others.
  • The effort and endeavour of the individual has been sustained over a period of time.

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