How to nominate


In the case of a club, group or society being nominated, it would be helpful if the nomination pack included the following documentation;

  • copy of constitution, Articles of Association etc
  • minutes of last A.G.M.
  • copy of most recent bank statement
  • list of committee members/trustees/subscribers
  • proof of registration as a Charity or of accredited charitable status.
  • evidence of insurance cover for the activities. Both the British Council and Conservation Volunteers provide an excellent range of comprehensive niche sector covers.

As well as, where relevant or available;

  • Press cuttings or record of media on the project or general activities relating to awards.
  • Where relevant, consideration for merit will be given to projects that demonstrate the social inclusion of gender, age and race in a non-contrived manner.
  • Detail of funding for project whether by donations from angling clubs or general public, or by grants from charitable organisations, lottery, government agency, or by commercial sponsorship.
  • Detail of ‘help in kind’, assistance that was essential to the success of the project or activity, which was gifted or offered freely without conditions.
  • Although the nomination will be based on a clear time-bound parenthesis, (i.e. September 2003- June 2004) there will be merit on proof of sustainability.


Childrens Act

Where the activity involves young people, no nomination can be accepted for consideration without evidence of the following;

  • Proof that the adults have been officially vetted as “fit persons” to work with young people.
  • Statement by local Constabulary, or relevant statutory authority, that the organisation conforms to the law as specified in the Children’s Act or Children’s Order (NI 1995).


Certificate of Competency

Where the activity around which the nomination is based requires some level of competency or proficiency, then proof must be provided that the instructor or coach holds a valid certificate of competency from the relevant agency or governing body, or holds accepted educational qualification.


Independent Nominations

Each project requires two discrete nominations. The first is from a specialist in the field their project falls. For example, if the project were a youth project then a District Council youth officer would be ideal. The second nomination is from a public figure, such as an elected representative, a member of a governing body, an office bearer in a recognised body relevant to the nominated group or activity, or a person of authority outside the organisation.