Applying for a Small Grant from Dreamstore UK

Dreamstore UK small grants programme is aimed at providing a kick start to a project: a helping hand to a modest idea that just needs some basics to get going. It would be preferable if this was a contribution to a larger sum, and certainly to a longer term plan.

A typical small grant would be for around £500, though it could be less and it could be more. We will make a judgement on need and justified expense rather than total sum requested. In all cases the grant would be given where specific costs have been identified – we like to know how our money is going to be spent.

Applying for a small grant is easy.

Summarise in a paragraph the project for which the grant is requested. Include how the idea arose, who is involved and what you would do once the first event is completed to maintain the momentum for the forward project. Include:

  • All your contact details, including daytime telephone numbers.
  • A description what ‘need’ the project fulfills;
  • A reason why you have chosen angling as the project activity;
  • An outline of how you intend to follow-up the event/activity;
  • A list of costs, which costs are you asking Dreamstore UK to cover,
  • and a final total requested from Dreamstore UK.

It is a condition of the small grant that you supply us with a paragraph of text describing the project which can be used for media release once the event has taken place. A photo from the event or of use being made of the items for which a grant has been applied is also required. All media activity must be approved by Dreamstore UK, either before or after an event.

Email your request to

We will quickly let you know whether your grant has or has not been approved. If we need more information we would be in touch within a few days. From application to final consideration the process should not take more than a fortnight, less time if we are able and certainly no more than a month.