2004 Awards


The Dreamstore Active Awards acknowledge commitment of anglers to making a difference to all.

The inaugural Dreamstore Active Awards evening was held at Ettington Chase near Stratford upon Avon on 23rd October 2004. The Awards provided acknowledgement to those whose work goes largely unsung. These are the only Awards that focus to the huge efforts that bring enormous value to wider society through angling. The Awards are not about the fish, equipment or celebrity. Each Awards was presented to an individual or group that make a difference.

The Dreamstore Active Awards have created a way of highlighting all the tremendous work and effort that goes into what sometime seems to be a thankless project. Dreamstore wants to make sure that people’s huge commitment in time and resource is noticed and valued by their peers. The underlying message of the Awards is that such a lot can be achieved through the driving determination of a few, sometimes the one, who has vision and the passion to do something.

There were five Awards presented at the 2004 Awards Dinner:


Social Inclusion Award

was presented to Get Hooked on Fishing

A scheme which encourages young people to take responsibility for themselves, for their environment and for others. The scheme works with Schools, Engagement programmes, Youth Offending Teams and sometimes parents and continues to develop and expand across the country.

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Conservation Award

was presented to JETSET

Based on the Wandle, Junior Environmental Taskforce Senior Environmental Taskforce (JETSET) takes a practical approach to clearing the debris of industrial neglect and restoring the River Wandle to its natural state.

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Best Business/Agency Award

was presented to Hopkins and Holloway

A business which commits time and resource in excess of its size to initiatives that encourage angling participation.

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Group Award

was presented to British Disabled Angling Association

This charity has provided a voice for people with disabilities and a way forward to making fishing “Inclusive” as a recreation, providing Education, Support, Advice & practical support to aid participation for both disabled and non-disabled to enjoy angling to the full.

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Individual Award

was presented to Dr Bruno Broughton

A man who brings an infectious enthusiasm, hard work and intellectual strength to all that he does. Bruno is a man who leads by example.

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