2006 Awards


The Dreamstore Active Awards acknowledge commitment of anglers to making a difference to all.

The weekend’s 2006 Dreamstore Active Awards, sponsored by Bank of Scotland Corporate held at Chesford Grange, Warwickshire, highlighted a range of groups, projects and individuals that have made a huge contribution to society through angling over the past year. The awards are not about the fish, equipment or celebrity – the awards are about people and organisations generating change for the better, for others.

There were four Awards presented at the 2006 Awards Dinner:

Social Inclusion Award

was presented to Cwm Hedd Fishery

The Social Inclusion Award 2006 goes to a project which has opened access in the very broadest sense. It has created an accessible fishery that is for everyone, young or old, learner or skilled, disabled or not.

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Conservation & Best Business/Agency Award

was presented to Fishing Wales

Fishing Wales has successfully combined improvement to the infrastructure of natural habitats, with the added drive of including local participation and interest, and enhancing the angling experience for the visitor.

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Group Award

was presented to Breckland Angling Coaching Club

With the emphasis on education, this group has engaged with schools, adult learning, English as second language groups and has even made angling hi-tech with an ICT project to encourage young people to photograph, transfer and write up their angling experience on laptop computers at the water side.

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Individual Award

was presented to Simon Henton M.D. of Leeda and (Retiring) Chairman of ATA

The Dreamstore Active Individual Award 2006 goes to someone with an approach that is open-minded and determined, and refreshingly focused on increasing the sum total of angling participation, purposefully adding more ingredients to make the cake bigger for all.

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