2009 Awards

Social Inclusion Award sponsored by Dreamstore UK

was presented to Mo Ball, Halton Brook Children’s Centre


Dreamstore is delighted to have presented the Dreamstore Active Social Inclusion Award to Mo Ball who established the Halton Brook Children’s Centre Fishing Club.

The Social Inclusion Award is for the individual or group that has best encouraged social inclusion of alienated or disadvantaged individuals, singularly or in a group project that has clearly defined and measured outcomes.

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Group Award supported by the Environment Agency

was presented to Hartcliffe & Withywood Angling Club


The Dreamstore Active Group Award has been presented to the Hartcliffe & Withywood Angling Club. Mike Robbins, the community leader who founded the Club received the Award at the Gatehouse Centre in Withywood.

The Group Award is for a Club, Association, or Society that has demonstrated an ability to generate and sustain membership, and undertaken innovative and imaginative programmes or activities that have opened participation to new anglers and provided a welcoming environment to all those who take part its activities.

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Conservation Award supported by Dreamstore UK

was presented to Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network


Dreamstore is pleased to present the Dreamstore Active Conservation Award to the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN). SSACN has undertaken conservation work with imagination and organisation that has benefited fish conservation and made a substantial contribution to informed public policy development.

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The Conservation Award is for the individual or group that has generated an outstanding improvement to the ecology or surrounding environment of a fishing amenity.


Dreamstore Active Awards are presented to highlight the huge volume of activity which is undertaken by the voluntary sector and others, representing massive commitment and dedication to the value of angling within education, youth or community access and engagement. Dreamstore Active Awards provide acknowledgment to those whose work goes largely unsung. These are the only Awards that focus to the huge efforts that bring enormous value to wider society through angling. The Awards are not about the fish, equipment or celebrity. Each Award will be presented to an individual or group that is making a difference.