2011/2012 Award Winners

The Dreamstore Best Business Award

was presented to Lavender Hill Fishery


The Dreamstore UK ‘Best Business’ Award is sadly not handed out too often.

It might be expected that those who profit from angling would demonstrate an affinity with the recreational, social angler Generally, this is not the case. Strange, when more than three-quarters of licensed anglers in England and Wales are recreational anglers outside Club organisations: on Environment Agency Figures a far, far greater proportion are social anglers.

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The Dreamstore Individual Award

was presented to Derek North of Norton College, Worchester


Our individual award recognises someone who has done a great deal to promote and encourage fishing as an enjoyable pastime, and to encourage responsible participation among new enthusiasts. This year we have the opportunity to recognise someone who has given many years of service to angling. This person has innovated, initiated change and cleared hurdles that prevented progress. Over time he has taken knocks and set-backs. Despite this he remains committed to the value of angling to benefit social inclusion and community development.

This year’s Dreamstore Individual award has been presented to someone who has persevered in spite of obstacles placed before him and continues to share his passion and love of fishing; positively promoting angling and serving the community.

Derek North, Norton College Worcester, has worked for years in this area. Dreamstore worked with him some years ago in an early stage of our Academy He’s had his detractors, but no-one can challenge his commitment to angling and to helping the young people he has worked with through the years to develop as anglers, and as individuals.

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The Dreamstore Group Award

was presented to Rodger Dew of the National Junior Angling Association


The NJAA has been running match fishing competitions for junior anglers for over 50 years and has members across the country. It runs three major competitions annually, and competition and membership are open to any junior fishing teams. On the second Saturday in June it holds an under 18s competition – teams of 8 of which at least four must be under 16. On the first Saturday in September the National event includes Cadets, (Under 14, for teams of 3), Junior, (under 18s, teams of 6) and Intermediate, (Under 22 teams of 4). Finally, on the first Saturday in October, there is the Challenge event, with Junior teams of 6 and Intermediate teams of 4.

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