Be a buddy to the visually impaired

Along with the Royal National College for the Blind‘s RNC Angling Club, Dreamstore has developed a guide to anyone wanting to take a visually impaired relative or friend out for a day’s fishing.

This is the latest collaboration with the RNC Angling Club which has been working quietly at the College for the past ten years. In working on the Sightlines Project Barry Morris commented:

“As lead on Pastoral Care at the College I have found angling to be an excellent way to engage with the visually impaired. Using all our other senses, it is a great way to introduce people to an easily accessible outdoor activity. Though as with all activities we have to be aware of a few basics to both stay safe and to ensure everyone enjoys the day out.”

Dreamstore is delighted to have been able to work with the RNC Angling Club on the project, and to assure that the experience that Barry and his team have gained at the College is now available across the country. The simple guide to taking someone fishing can be found here at the special Sightlines page on the website. Each video is accompanied by downloadable scripts for use with reader software and to print so you can take a handy reminder with you.

Remember that if it is only the visually impaired angler who is fishing, with the buddy just helping, you need only have the one rod licence, but if both buddy and angler are fishing you will need to have two.  Info on obtaining a rod licence is here.

This is an introduction as to why the RNC Angling Club was started, and why the Sightlines project was considered:

A big thanks to the National Lottery funding which made this project possible.

National Lottery