Best Business Award for Lavender Hall Fishery.

The Dreamstore UK ‘Best Business’ Award is sadly not handed out too often.

It might be expected that those who profit from angling would demonstrate an affinity with the recreational, social angler Generally, this is not the case. Strange, when more than three-quarters of licensed anglers in England and Wales are recreational anglers outside Club organisations: on Environment Agency Figures a far, far greater proportion are social anglers.

Most in the voluntary sector find it difficult to engage Government Agency or the Angling Trade beyond box ticking commitment to recreational angling. There are of course exceptions. The exceptions contribute in quiet positive initiatives that promote fishing. The Business/Agency Award seeks to give incentive and recognition to those who work quietly and resolutely, delivering unstinting and unrewarded endeavour to angling.

The voluntary sector relies on friends, and businesses that understand the value of supporting tomorrow’s anglers today. It is an investment in the future of angling, and in future business. The Dreamstore Business Award was presented to a fishery that has made a big difference to the voluntary sector, providing a permanent teaching facility for projects and having an open door to new ideas that help open access to angling for all.

There is nothing wrong about a business taking a profit from angling. It is great to see a business finding ways to give something back. The Best Business Award was presented to Gary and Debbie Lawrie at their family-run Lavender Hall Fishery, Balsall Common.

With a family business to run, the Gary and Debbie Lawrie were unable to attend our Dreamstore Day (actually Gary was heading off on a carp fishing trip to France). So the Best Business Award was presented at their Lavender Hall Fishery nr Coventry on Friday 23rd March prior to Dreamstore Day in Hereford.

Picture at top of page: Left to right: Alan Hicks, Aubrey Smith, Debbie & Gary Lawrie (owners of family run Lavender Hall Fishery, Kevin Alcock. Alan, Aubrey and Kevin, GHOF Coventry, support the Fishery’s Saturday morning Junior Angling Club.

Best Business / Best Agency Award is for a Government, Non Governmental Agency or commercial business that has best supported fishing, whether as core or incidental to its main activity. The facilitators of the fishing world are often those who have the job of enhancing, defining and protecting our fishing. The promotion of good practice and the practical support given by these government and non-governmental agencies is essential to the future of fishing. Businesses that have an affinity with the angler promote fishing to a far greater extent than their exclusive commercial interests. The Best Agency or Business Award seeks to give incentive and recognition to those who have excelled in facilitating the angling fraternity.