Bradley Tenants and Resident Association

The Bradley Tenants and Resident Association enlisted the assistance of Dreamstore to send two local volunteers to a coaching course, run at Pershore College. This will mean there are planned and well-organised coaching sessions for the local young people which will create ownership of the pond by all who use it.

The Bradley Tenants and Resident Association Chairman, Tom Fellows points out that the immediate response by Dreamstore UK helped confirm the value of the Community idea and further helped win support from the County Council and the Environment Agency: saying; “With such broad support, and the new coaches are in place, we will have a flagship project in Bradley that will support local schools, the disabled, youth programmes and so much more.”

From a Dreamstore perspective this is an ideal angling participation project. The biggest reason why people aren’t going fishing is because there is no one to teach them. Supporting a local community through coaching bursaries places change in the hands of the community, which means that the benefit arising is more likely to endure. The two courses enabled by Dreamstore will be complete by spring 2006 and others are on a waiting list to attend the Dreamstore Academy during the summer 2006.