Building capacity for the voluntary sector

We’ve just completed the third Academy of 2013, and the second of the year at Whitburn in Scotland. The first, before the summer, supported a small group pass through the Academy with the intention of engaging with young people in the hard pressed areas of Paisley.

The most recent course included participants from a number of regions across Scotland. Two were from a Club at Loch Lomond which is planning to engage with young people in the area. Two work with young people in the West Lothian area, and two from the very north of Scotland around Wick/Caithness who also work with young people and hope to use angling as an extension of the range of engagement activities.

Ian MacPhee, from Thurso, explains how the course will be used in his field of work:

Sometimes people believe the best anglers have little to learn. Jane Wright would disagree. Jane has been reappointed as Manager of the Scottish Ladies Fly Fishing Team for 2014. She attended the Dreamstore Academy course, on a last minute decision. Jane underscores the value of the course in the development of coaching skills.

If you are interested in gaining a coaching tool kit, the Dreamstore AcademyLevel 2 Certificate in Coaching Angling is course accredited by SQA to UK and European equivalent standards, and its outcomes are mapped by SQA to UKCC level 2. contact us for more information using our registration form here.