Building voluntary sector capacity

Dreamstore Academy has recently completed a successful Level 2 coaching course in Scotland. The course provides a series of skills sets that provide the framework for organising activities that help develop individuals’ angling ability.





Within the Academy we had the opportunity to offer an Emergency First Aid course, an inherent module within the Level 2, to any past Academy graduates or volunteers working with local youth or community groups. It is important to keep your First Aid knowledge up to date. John Brooks from Angling School gave an excellent introduction to emergency first aid, including utilising a test defibrillator to demonstrate a technology that has arrived in recent years and is increasingly available in public spaces.





The course was delivered over the three Autumn weekends. It is always interesting to hear about why people are on the course. Here are three of the participants, all from a Action for Youth Development hub in Blairgowrie. All have been on very different journeys through AFYD, providing an interesting overview of the may reasons why people start fishing.

Here are the Blairgowrie three, in their own words; Paul, Russell, and Katie:

Well done everyone on the course, and all those who attended the Emergency First Aid course.

If you think you would like to consider doing a Level 2 qualification with Dreamstore Academy check out the information elsewhere on this site.

Dreamstore Academy is a SQA Approved Centre, and the coaching angling qualification is accredited by SQA.