Castlepark young anglers provide for Grey Lodge Settlement

Young people at the Castlepark Centre, Dundee, decided that going on a trout fishing trip and donating their catch to a local old people’s group was an excellent way to promote citizenship within the community. A small grant for equipment and support to the project from Dreamstore UK enabled the creation of a Castlepark Fish Fest which took place at the local Kingennie fishery. The over 60’s tea dance group based at The Grey Lodge Settlement was delighted to accept the large rainbow trout freshly caught that afternoon by the budding anglers from Castlepark Fishing Club.

Grey Lodge Settlement director Alan Duncan commented on the project:

This gesture helps promotes community spirit and lets adults see young people in a positive light by donating what the young people described as, in their words, ‘Monster Fish’.

Castlepark Community Education Worker Sandy McLeod said:

The children at Castlepark have varying difficulties within their young lives which leads to at times them displaying extremely challenging behavior. What was great about this was that the young people thought up the idea for the project, believing it to be a good way of showing an older generation that they were not all ‘bad’.

The funding from “Dreamstore” has enabled the young people to consider alternative activities such as fishing as opposed to being hooked, if you’ll pardon the pun, on computer games for hours on end.