Getting Started

Setting up a group – Starter Policies

Setting up any group means having to put in place a number of policy documents. If a group decides to apply for public funding, or from funding some bodies, there is often a range of policy documents requested. The biggest challenge for a group of volunteers is knowing where to start.

There are useful guides to policy and procedures available online from a variety of sources. Sport England “Club Matters” is a good place to find ideas around a sports club, adaptable for any group or project, starting with a basic constitution.

On safeguarding issues there is useful guidance by the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) with regional equivalents for Scotland  and Northern Ireland.

The Health & Safety Executive provides excellent guidance and a range of useful resources on Health and Safety.

There are lots more out there. Search for a policy such as Harassment Policy and there is Government guidance available – LetMeGoogleThatForYou:

The following page provides a range of policy templates, in alphabetical rather than in any order of priority. These may or may not be relevant to your group, and independent advice should always be sought to make sure a policy document or statement is the right one to meet the specifics of your project or group’s needs.

There are also some sample forms that might help in following some of the policies, again depending on your requirements and always on independent advice (see below).

For activities, particularly recreational activities, other useful templates may be found via the Dreamstore Academy Leadership and Coaching Resources page.


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