Craigmore Anglers supporting new generation.

Established in the past 12 months the Craigmore Angling Association is a group of volunteers based at Craigmore Fishery, close to Randalstown, Northern Ireland.

The group was formed to encourage more people to enjoy a readily accessible outdoor recreation.

It recently held its first family day focused especially for young people, which was a great success – enjoyed equally by young people and parents.






A Dreamstore Small Grant application has delivered ten new AirFlo starter kits and nets, supplied by Tom Leslie at Fin&Game.

Craigmore Angling Association has ambitions to work closely with local schools, and to support local young people who might otherwise not have a lot of opportunity to engage in outdoor activities.






Chariman of the CAA, Clare Reid, also wishes to set up a ladies group. About plans for the group Clare says:

“Whether young people or women, many of the issues in getting started are the same. The interest is there, but we need to create opportunities for them to learn angling without them feeling pressure of looking silly. It is a lot about building confidence, and allowing them to enjoy the experience. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy a few hours fishing on the bank.”

She adds:

“Angling is a fantastic activity. It helps young people appreciate the value of patience and gets them fresh air and exercise, as well providing a fun way to educate them on our abundance of wildlife and fly life. For others, especially women, if offers a period of calm in otherwise busy home or work lives. The new rods and nets provided by Dreamstore are a huge boost to our group and all the equipment will get full use in the months and years ahead. We’re very excited about the potential to engage a new anglers.”

Dreamstore is excited too about the enthusiasm and plans for Craigmore Angling Association and looks forward to reporting more on its future progress.