Dreamstore Academy thanks Kindle Centre.

Not the reading tablet from Amazon, but a centre alongside the ASDA shopping centre in Hereford, where we held our 2014 Dreamstore Academy in England.  A big thanks to all the staff at the Kindle Centre for being such lovely hosts. Dreamstore would highly commend the Kindle for use by community groups. It is a terrific community resource for the city.

The Kindle Centre was a terrific venue for the Academy. The meeting rooms were ideal for the classroom sessions and the main hall a perfect scale for demonstrations during the courses micro-coaching sessions.


Kindle main hall

Six participants completed the course at Hereford, all of whom will be supporting voluntary activities in the wider Hereford area. As well as working with young people, a number of the participants intend to use their coaching skills working with ex-servicemen on occasional weekend trips.  The course also included a member of Barry Morris’s RNC Angling volunteer group, which supports the Royal National College for the Blind pastoral care work through angling.

Great group, which Dreamstore wishes all the best in their voluntary activities.