Dreamstore announces its annual Individual Award

The Annual Dreamstore Active Awards are presented to those who have used angling to create opportunity and made a difference to people’s lives, without making the headlines or seeking personal accolades.

The Dreamstore Individual Award has been presented to Andy Eaves of the Environment Agency, North West Region. 

(L-R) Nigel Hawkins, Dreamstore, and Andy Eaves, NW EA.

Andy Eaves has provided exceptional support to the voluntary sector in the area of the North West Environment Agency for which he is responsible. It is important to take time to understand, and to have a passion to support others to achieve their outcomes as much as your own; listening is an important attribute that few seem to possess. Andy is a fine example that others within the Environment Agency should note. The Award to Andy acknowledges that sometimes the greatest change and the biggest difference can be generated bottom-up and not top-down.

David Hoey, Dreamstore, comments:

“Big organisations often struggle to understand effective delivery at a micro level. Andy has played an outstanding role in making the most of the resources available to him in maximising the social benefit to a large number of groups across his area.  This is recognition of his individual contribution to the voluntary sector, and his example of what can be achieved with a positive attitude and some imagination.”

 The DREAMSTORE Social Inclusion Award was presented to the Moss Farm Fishery Irlam.

The DREAMSTORE Group Award, supported by the Environment Agency, was presented to Swinton & Pendlebury Angling Association.

Dreamstore Active Awards are presented to highlight the huge volume of activity which is undertaken by the voluntary sector and others, representing massive commitment and dedication to the value of angling within education, youth or community access and engagement. Dreamstore Active Awards provide acknowledgment to those whose work goes largely unsung. These are the only Awards that focus to the huge efforts that bring enormous value to wider society through angling. The Awards are not about the fish, equipment or celebrity. Each Award will be presented to an individual or group that is making a difference. www.dreamstore.org/awards

The Individual Award is for an individual who has done most to promote and encourage fishing as an enjoyable pastime, and to encourage responsible participation among new enthusiasts.