Dreamstore announces its annual Group Award.

The Annual Dreamstore Active Awards are presented to those who have used angling to create opportunity and made a difference to people’s lives, without making the headlines or seeking personal accolades. 

The DREAMSTORE Group Award, supported by the Environment Agency, was presented to Swinton & Pendlebury Angling Association.     

Bob Docherty, Swinton & Pendlebury Angling Association. Bob Docherty and his team were not able to be at our Dreamstore Day and we only managed to catch Bob, gardening, a few weeks later.

Swinton & Pendlebury Angling Association is an organisation that has worked for many years in a tough urban environment. Success has been hard won, and with its ups and downs. Once again the success is down to vision, personal dedication of a few with drive to achieve what might be possible and the tenacity to pursue change. 

 Bob and the team provided around 700 angling places for young people last summer (2010). The Association has also been generous in sharing ideas such as the OCN he developed for ‘Bankside Assistance’ to train helpers (parents, and non-anglers) to know enough to give kids their first angling opportunity. A great example of the innovation from within the voluntary sector.

David Hoey, Dreamstore, comments: 

“Bob and the team at Swinton & Pendlebury Angling Association show how drive and determination of a few dedicated anglers can make such a huge difference to young people and others in a hugely deprived area. Salford has few resources, and the development and management of angling at Queensmere Lake is a tribute to the Associations vision to create inexpensive and open access to angling for the locality. Bob has been an inspiration in fresh thinking and innovation in involving volunteers to assist the group.” 


The annual Dreamstore Individual Award was presented to Andy Eaves of the Environment Agency, North West Region.


The DREAMSTORE Social Inclusion Award was presented to the Moss Farm Fishery Irlam.


 The Dreamstore Active Group Award is supported by the Environment Agency. 

 Dreamstore Active Awards are presented to highlight the huge volume of activity which is undertaken by the voluntary sector and others, representing massive commitment and dedication to the value of angling within education, youth or community access and engagement. Dreamstore Active Awards provide acknowledgment to those whose work goes largely unsung. These are the only Awards that focus to the huge efforts that bring enormous value to wider society through angling. The Awards are not about the fish, equipment or celebrity. Each Award will be presented to an individual or group that is making a difference: www.dreamstore.org/awards/ 


The Group Award is for a Club, Association, or Society that has demonstrated an ability to generate and sustain membership, and undertaken innovative and imaginative programmes or activities that have opened participation to new anglers and provided a welcoming environment to all those who take part its activities.