Dreamstore announces its annual Social Inclusion Award.

The Annual Dreamstore Active Awards are presented to those who have used angling to create opportunity and made a difference to people’s lives, without making the headlines or seeking personal accolades.

 The Dreamstore Social Inclusion Award is presented to Alan Whitehead for Moss Farm, Irlam. 

(L-R) Nigel Hawkins, Dreamstore, and Alan Whitehead, Moss Farm, Irlam.

The Dreamstore Award for Social Inclusion recognizes an extraordinary energy placed into creating something new through social enterprise and engaging with communities through building a new angling resource.  Moss Farm has an active junior angling club and a popular café that serves the wider local area. Although only in planning and building over the past year or so, the achievement is remarkable, and without a great deal of external or Public Sector support.  Already reaching standards that others with years of experience are not even close to attaining Moss Farm is an example of social enterprise driving local community engagement. 

David Hoey, Dreamstore, commented on the value of the Awards:

“The voluntary sector has a big role to play in making a difference in people’s lives by creating opportunity, and angling presents a perfect platform that is open to all.  From the range of projects of which Dreamstore is aware we know how the activity around recreational angling can be hugely effective in helping self-confidence and self-respect, creating a sense of achievement in learning or just doing something everyone thought impossible for you to do. Our Awards bring no monetary benefit, but they do recognise the breadth and depth of unsung work being undertaken by people across the country in so many different ways.”

The annual Dreamstore Individual Award was presented to Andy Eaves of the Environment Agency, North West Region.

The DREAMSTORE Group Award, supported by the Environment Agency, was presented to Swinton & Pendlebury Angling Association.

Dreamstore Active Awards are presented to highlight the huge volume of activity which is undertaken by the voluntary sector and others, representing massive commitment and dedication to the value of angling within education, youth or community access and engagement. Dreamstore Active Awards provide acknowledgment to those whose work goes largely unsung. These are the only Awards that focus to the huge efforts that bring enormous value to wider society through angling. The Awards are not about the fish, equipment or celebrity. Each Award will be presented to an individual or group that is making a difference. www.dreamstore.org/awards

The Social Inclusion Award is for the individual or group that has best encouraged social inclusion of alienated or disadvantaged individuals, singularly or in a group project that has clearly defined and measured outcomes.


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