Dreamstore casts £100,000 helping hand to voluntary sector

In its 10th Anniversary year Dreamstore, the nationwide angling charity dedicated to  improving people’s lives through recreational fishing in the UK, has announced a commitment to substantially increasing the fund for its Small Grant programme.

Over the course of next three years a further £100,000 will be delivered through Dreamstore’s Small Grant funding programme which is aimed at seeding and developing voluntary sector activities which include angling, throughout the UK .

Dreamstore’s Small Grants programme is aimed at providing a kick start to voluntary sector projects, typically new or replacement equipment to groups such as Angling School Cornwall, or set-up costs for a new website.  A typical small grant from Dreamstore is around £500 and over the course of the last 10 years the charity has already donated around £100,000, supporting dozens of local projects all over the United Kingdom.

Announcing the funding boost to the voluntary sector, Dreamstore founder Mark Tellwright says:

“One of the delights of supporting Dreamstore over the past ten years has been to see how Small Grants have made such a big difference to groups around the country. Many of our small grants have been to provide get groups started: to pilot a diversionary project for a substance abuse recovery unit; or provide support for pastoral care at the Royal National College for the Blind. Other times, Small Grants support has benefited local groups, such as a Children’s Centre receiving its ‘first grant’ from Dreamstore and using that to seek matched and contributory funding; making the initial positive difference to a project or programme happening or not – in fact developing with huge success.”

He adds:

“Dreamstore is planning a huge celebration for our voluntary sector and business friends and partners at Woodland View Fishery, near Worcester, on 17th May. We’ve entered 2014 with a renewed sense of purpose, looking to the future and planning to launch a number of exciting projects throughout the year. A big thanks to all who support Dreamstore’s work, and even bigger thanks to the unrewarded and unrecognised volunteers who give time and energy to making that difference for others.”

For information on applying for a Dreamstore Small Grant go to this page