Dreamstore Day in Hereford a great success

Around 40 representatives from 14 groups across the country gathered at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford for this year’s Dreamstore Day for England & Wales, on Saturday 24th March 2012. Dreamstore Day brings together people and groups who use angling as an engagement tool in the voluntary sector.  It is a day to support continuous learning and development of individual and group capacity.

The day includes presentation of Dreamstore Active Awards, recognising the sterling work that is being undertaken to help others, without fanfare or reward, using angling as a point of engagement. This year there were three Awards presented: Best Business, Group and Individual – more on separate update posts soon.

Presentations on the day included John Brooks talking about Autism and Aspergers. John is a Special Needs teacher and has a son with Aspergers. He brought some practical guidance to the challenges of autism and aspergers, and some helpful advice for the coaches and volunteers on how to be positive in their approach. John recommended a number of useful links on the subject including the National Autistic Society: Accept difference – not indifference and a video explaining 10 Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew and another on My life With Asperger’s Syndrome.

Event planning is often daunting when staring at a blank piece of paper. David McNair, one of Dreamstore Academy’s lead Tutors, brought ideas on making the approach to event planning simple and straightforward. He used this video to show how practical planning makes all the difference.

David Hoey from Dreamstore also provided presentations on how to evaluate media, how that means so much more with the advent of social media, and a simple guide to creating content.

Also announced on Dreamstore Day is Dreamstore’s programme to support the voluntary sector in assuring its voice is heard. Dreamstore also wishes to enable the voluntary sector to better exchange information and provide mutual support. More on the ‘Angling Partnership’ will be announced before the end of April.