Dreamstore Group Award

This year’s Group Award was presented to an organisation that has grown from a single programme to delivering a variety of projects serving different needs. The organisation has adapted, changed, grown, split, renewed, altered course, but has remained steady and consistently focused on delivering to what is now a wide range of programme to a wide range of user-groups.

The 2013 Dreamstore Group Award, supported by the Environment Agency, is presented to Angling Unlimited based in the West Midlands.

Angling Unlimited started out as a Get Hooked on Fishing project through the Bourveville Village Trust. An ever widening number of user groups resulted in the adoption of the name Angling Unlimited to recognise that it was providing services to young and old alike, and to community groups and ex-Services organisations such as Combat Stress.

David Hoey, Dreamstore comments:

“The story of Angling Unlimited has been one of embracing change and adaptability, which has been a great strength in keeping pace with changes in local and national funding priorities. It has been an model for group development, where the most important lesson is to be prepared to respond postively to new challenges with imagination rather than stick to a single course while the world around changes. It has also a management team which includes people from outside angling who have been able to help and support the organisation in thinking new ideas and ways of working. ”

Snow prevented the presentation at our Dreamstore Day at the end of March. The Award was presented at the most recent Angling Unlimited Board Meeting at the new BVT Offices on Bournville Lane.

Individual Award

The Dreamstore Active Group Award is presented to a Club, Association, or Society that has demonstrated an ability to generate and sustain membership, and undertaken innovative and imaginative programmes or activities that have opened participation to new anglers and provided a welcoming environment to all those who take part in Club, Association, or Society activities. The fishing Club, Association or Society is at the heart of the network of contacts and friendships that stretch across the nation; bringing people together and providing a focal point for all those who share a particular passion for angling. The best will be strong and growing, show a special ability to engage with both anglers and the general public to attract new members, or have undertaken a new activity that has greatly enhanced the value and participation of angling in a local area or among a particular group of people. The Group Award recognises the tremendous organisation and energy of a body of people who are directly promoting and strengthening the angling fraternity and enhancing an appreciation of angling among the wider public.