Dreamstore helps SAFE include youngest youth club members

Desiree Elliot of Stoke Angling for Everyone thanks Dreamstore for its support in helping bridge a funding gap, allowing the youngest members of SAFE’s Youth Clubs to take part in all the activities.

For a number of years, Stoke Angling for Everyone (SAFE) has organised two Junior Angling Youth Clubs in Stoke on Trent and obtained funding to support the activities of each. The Clubs were originally open to young people in the 13 – 19 age groups. At the same time SAFE’s general activities at local primary schools resulted in over 25 young people aged 9 – 12 yrs attending the clubs. For 2007, this had no additional financial implications for indoor activities, where the room hire is already funded and coaches are voluntary.  Once the young people were taken outdoors, however, there were extra pressures on costs due to the increased numbers needing, for example, transport, entrance fees, and peg fees.

Of course SAFE didn’t want to exclude the younger children from participating fully in all youth club activities, and applied for funding to help to make up the deficit. The difficulty arose in that the extra funding wouldn’t become available until 2008, creating an urgent need for funding to bridge the funding gap and to enable the children and young people to participate in all the planned activities. Dreamstore has been pleased to step into the funding gap.

Dreamstore’s funding enabled all to go fishing at Carneys Pools and Blake Hall fishery, where a number caught their first fish.  Visits included the Blue Planet at Ellesmere Port, where the young people learnt about fish anatomy and fish identification.

And everyone spent a day at Carneys Pools, with owner Carol Carney, learning about fishery management, water quality and habitats. A group also went on a salmon hunt on the River Dove with Environment Agency Technical Officer Mick Buxton.

Thanks Dreamstore.