Dreamstore is closing.

Despite the success we have achieved over the past 16 years, we have taken the decision to close Dreamstore.

Since its launch in 2004, Dreamstore UK has shown what is possible with imagination and a positive outlook!

With more than 260 Dreamstore Academy trained coaches, we have been able to support community projects throughout the UK, ranging from drug rehabilitation in Southampton to diversionary programmes for young people in Gloucester, Stroke support in Southport to mental health support in Leeds, disability support in Teglan to foster care in Dundee.

With the Dreamstore Small Grants we have been able to kick start many fishing projects and support schools, youth community groups and other organisations to provide the opportunity to experience angling to literally thousands of young and old, of all genders and ethnicities, whether disabled or with life challenges.

Our Conservation Watch posts have highlighted the ever-increasing challenges to our waterways here in the UK. We have been also able to support the North Atlantic Salmon Fund.

Our website Update pages show the enormous range of activity and action taken over the years of Dreamstore support to angling participation across youth, education, community and conservation. Please take a look while the Update is open!

Even with these achievements, we have seen a general squeeze on the voluntary sector, with many of our partners either amalgamating or simply closing down. In addition, participation in angling is in steady decline, possibly reflecting changing recreational and lifestyle patterns in this digital world.

The result is that Dreamstore itself has seen a steady decrease in the demand from community groups and the Trustees believe it is time to draw things to a close. The Covid-19 crisis just adds to the reasons leading to this regrettable decision.

We wish those who continue to work on Dreamstore-inspired voluntary projects around the country all the best in their local endeavours. Hopefully you will be able to sustain angling in your communities and continue as an inspiration to each and every person you assist and support. 

Thanks to everyone for your support, enthusiasm and commitment to angling for all.

Tight lines.