Dreamstore to re-open Small Grants funding

Good news for the New Year. Dreamstore is re-opening Small Grants funding.

It has been a hard couple of years for voluntary sector funding. Reorganisation, reinvention and retrenchment have all been part of the consideration in maintaining a presence to see out the other side an unsettled and subdued economy. Throughout this period the voluntary sector has been working quietly to retain presence and a positive impact on the lifes of many.

It is therefore with huge delight that Dreamstore is reopening its Small Grants programme in 2011.  The application process has not changed and can be viewed at www.dreamstore.org/small-grants/

There may be a sharper consideration on ‘deserving’ recipients and that means expecting to see the information we request as part of the email application. But the fund is back and we are looking forward to reviewing worthy voluntary endeavours in the angling world in the months ahead.

New Year cheer, Small Grants are back.