Education Action Zone


Because Learning, Fishing and Fun are natural partners.

Dreamstore’s Education Action Zone has been designed to be available for use in mainstream and Special Education Needs (SEN) schools, and has been used with adults from time to time. It encourages enjoyment of angling within a learning and fun environment.

For schools it offers a range of learning opportunities from English and maths to geography and community studies, as well as art and outdoor activity. Many schools have been attracted by the potential of making maths more attractive and relevant to learning. DEAZ has worked surprisingly well in this respect. Check out the Dreamstore UPDATE to see were DEAZ has been used.

Best of all, DEAZ shows how angling is accessible to all, and it was for this reason that the first pilot events were at an SEN School, Wilson Stuart School and Sports College, Erdingdon, Birmingham.

One of the issues we have identified through DEAZ is the huge scarcity of places readily accessible to the disabled and for families. One of these is Albrighton Moat Trust, a charity which provides a centre for the disabled and excellent fishing opportunity.  We are actively searching for fishing locations that are equally well developed with consideration for disability and families central to provision.

You can view the EAZ photo galleries here