Encouraging new anglers

Since receiving a small grant from Dreamstore, providing rods and nets and everything a beginner would require to get started, Craigmore Angling Association (CAA) has worked to invite hard-to-reach groups to have a go at angling.

One of the successes of this past year has been Ladies Night, when a number of the regular anglers at Craigmore fishery lend a hand to introduce ladies to fishing.











This has proved popular. It is a chance to take a break from work and life and share some time with others just relaxing, angling. Northern Ireland’s long summer evenings are a perfect time to get together and enjoy some fishing time together.




Craigmore hopes to further build on Ladies Night and in time see more women engaged in angling, outside organised group events.

Chariman of the CAA, Clare Reid, says:

“It is important to constantly find ways to open angling to new groups. It was always a personal ambition to encourage more women into angling. The Ladies Night has been a great success, and we are looking for ways to build on this over the coming year. It not only brings new people into angling, it brings people who might otherwise never think of going fishing as a recreational activity.”

If you want to know more about getting involved, contact Clare at Craigmore