Erne Disabled Angling Club well afloat

More on that busy summer… this time in Northern Ireland.

Dreamstore is pleased to have been able to support the Erne Disabled Angling Club with a number of life vests for trips out and about on Lough Erne.

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Seamus McHugh from the Club is delighted with the Small Grant that enabled the purchase of the new equipment.

“The life vests have been of great value to us and those availing of angling opportunities. Because these are self inflating vests, they may come with some cost to maintain, however this is rewarded with the increased mobility that other life jackets can restrict and so means a better angling experience, particularly if on a boat or in warm weather. With these jackets we have been providing more opportunities than ever before, and have provided a number coaching sessions from boats (these are extremely popular), for game, sea and pike fishing!!!”

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“Angling brings so much joy to many people that are afforded the opportunity to become involved, and now with these life vests we can continue to increase these opportunities. So a big big thanks for this support, and here we have a few random pics of our angling friends out on various trips where they are fishing, some for the first time!!

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A great initiative and superb benefit to all in the great lakes fishing County of Fermanagh.