Get Hooked on Fishing Trust

Fishing has proven to be a useful means to provide diversionary activity suitable for young people who are ’referred‘ by many official agencies. Dreamstore has provided a small grant to Get Hooked on Fishing to review its broader application as an aid to addressing social inclusion and to help develop its programmes for wider application. This review is principally sponsored by the Countryside Agency’s Social Inclusion Unit and the Home Office’s Positive Futures.

“If we stop one young person offending and serving a custodial sentence, it may save as much as £100,000, whilst the saving in suffering to both victim and offender can not be calculated. Over three hundred young persons have been through Get Hooked on Fishing at Durham and many more in similar schemes around the country. Dreamstore has helped fund a review of how Get Hooked can be developed and expanded to make an even greater contribution to social inclusion.”
His Honour Judge Milford QC
Chairman, Get Hooked on Fishing Trust