Getting organised

With a new angling season underway Dreamstore has created a new web-based resource for leaders and coaches in the voluntary sector.

Our Dreamstore Academy course used an Angling Coaching Diary as a basic resource for each participant. When this was created it was in CD format. Updates to computer operating systems over the years has created the CD obsolete; while new laptop and tablet hardware means even the CD is becoming a thing of the past.

In response to changes in tech, and requests from partners and coaches, Dreamstore has created a new web based resource in the Academy section: Angling Leadership and Coaching Resources.










This resource is freely available. This Leadership and Coaching Resource includes useful and effective forms for organising and managing any event, and resources to gather information to create a valuable log of activities to plan, review and reflect on coaching progress, the performance and progress of those being coached, and to provide a detailed record of teaching sessions and perhaps even competition day activities.

However, if you have not completed a Dreamstore Academy course you should only make use of this resource having taken independent advice in respect of your particular circumstances and intended use of any of the documents.

That said, if you are putting together events, these provide useful templates for any angling leader/coach – subject to that independent advice.