Indoor fishing reaching Scotland

Dreamstore’s Education Action Zone, angling’s fun indoor learning experience, has reached Scotland. First Monday of August saw a training day to introduce the first DEAZ to Action for Youth Development (AFYD) at St Ninian’s Parish Hall, in Paisley. A mix of young people, adults, AFYD volunteers and coaches spent an afternoon learning the scope of the activities and the possibilities offered to introducing people to angling.

Paisley’s AFYD leader, Ian Williams said:

“We had looked at the pictures on the Dreamstore website, but the actual experience and the potential for the Action Zone are very, very exciting. We can’t wait to get started. In fact, we will use it next week. It is great fun, and provides instant success. Delighted this has reached Scotland.”

Click on picture for more images from the Dreamstore training day in Paisley, Scotland.


Dreamstore would like to express its sincere thanks to the North British Hotels Trust for its generous funding in making the introduction of the EAZ into Scotland possible.  AFYD Paisley will operate a Game and Coarse angling version of DEAZ, while a second AFYD will offfer a Game DEAZ.