Join The Great Eggcase Hunt

Later in the year there’s the big Shark-a-Tag event in Scotland in June, one of the many big events from our friends in SSACN. Elsewhere, at the other end of the country in Cornwall, there’s a earlier event linked to the shark population around our shores – The Great Eggcase Hunt – at the end of March.

Commonly called mermaids’ purses, these are in fact the egg cases of rays and dogfish which are members of the shark family (elasmobranchs).

Shark egg case

Cornwall’s Angling School is holding The Great Eggcase Hunt on 29th & 30th March, starting from Swanpool Beach Café from 10.00am until 2.00pm on both days. Participants can collect  identification sheets before going hunting, or  go hunting and bring your eggcases back to the Café for us to record your find.  There will be fact sheets and stickers on sharks and loads of information about the Shark Trust.

Children who are members of the Children’s University can bring their passports along to have their hours recorded.

Find out more by contacting John Brooks at the Angling School.

The most common rays around Cornwall are Thornback, Spotted, Small Eyed and Blonde, whilst the egg laying dogfish are the Lesser Spotted (catshark) and the Bull Huss (nursehound). Eggcase Hunts are a valuable way for the Shark Trust to gather data on these fish and anyone can join in.