Lifestyle choice opened for John Grooms

John Grooms Charity works to provide residential care and housing for disabled people, so they achieve greater independence, choice and freedom. Dreamstore was approached to support a Lifestyles Choices Project in Bedfordshire which aimed to develop a programme for disabled adults to become more involved in social, leisure, and educational activities outside their homes. In mid-July the BDAA organised a day for around 20 John Groom clients.

Scott Richardson, Project Manager for Lifestyle Choices, wrote a thank you and commented on the day:

“ On behalf of our clients who attended the disabled fishing day on 16th July, I would like to thank Dreamstore for its financial assistance that significantly contributed to a very successful ‘taster’ day.

The terrific weather, well-stocked swims (at Manor Farm Fisheries) and expert guidance from Terry Moseley and his BDAA team of instructors made it a fantastic day for our clients, from whom I heard nothing but positive comments.

Disabled fishing is an activity we would be very keen to develop, as our service encourages clients to engage (and ultimately independently continue) in social and leisure activities. Therefore, we are hoping to establish a self-sustaining disabled fishing group.

There are some obvious barriers in achieving this goal, primarily access.  However, with the involvement of Terry and the BDAA we are hopeful to overcome these and establish a disabled fishing group in Bedfordshire. I am sure it would be well supported.

Many thanks again for Dreamstore’s financial support and encouragement.”

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