Lord William’s School Oxfordshire presented Social Inclusion Award 2005

Left to right; Kym Southwell of Bank of Scotland, Corporate, presents Pat Mansfield of Lord Williams School, Oxfordshire, the Social Inclusion Award 2005.

Lord William’s School Oxfordshire was awarded the Social Inclusion Award 2005 at the Dreamstore Active Awards evening held at Chesford Grange, Warwickshire. The Social Inclusion Award, sponsored by Dreamstore UK, is for the individual or group that has best encouraged social inclusion of alienated or disadvantaged individuals, singularly or in a group project, which has clearly defined and measured outcomes.

A Dreamstore spokesman said:

“Social inclusion is very much about making a difference and creating opportunity. Fishing is proving itself to be an effective means of helping people gain self-confidence though a very simple act of achievement – catching a fish.”

“Most schools have ‘challenging’ children. Many give them up to external agencies. The Social Inclusion Award 2005 is for a programme that captures the determination and empathy of a teacher in addressing the educational needs of young people and the bravery of a Lord William’s School in accepting a ‘novel’ idea into school time, rather than as an after-school activity. It is amazing how where conventional education has failed to engage children in the three Rs that those same children learn to write their requests to go fishing and can learn to accurately measure the volume, length and size of their keep net.”

“The Social Inclusion Award 2005 is for a pioneer of angling earning a well deserved place on the curriculum.”

Dreamstore Active created the Awards night to highlight the tremendous work and effort that goes into activity that rarely receives a mention in the media, and few accolades from their peers. The underlying message of the Awards is that an awful lot can be achieved by those dedicated to doing their best, and underscored by a vision and passion to achieve.

The Dreamstore Active Awards evening highlighted a range of groups, projects and individuals making a real difference to society and of great credit to the angling community. The Awards look to the huge efforts that bring enormous value to wider society through angling. The awards are not about the fish, equipment or celebrity.