Making a difference

Elsewhere we have provided an update on the progress of Halton Brook Children’s Centre, Runcorn

We recently met with Mo Ball, the Community Development Worker at Halton Brook who explained the value of the early provision of a small grant to get an angling group organised at the Children’s Centre:

“During my work with parents in the community I started to talk about fishing and how enjoyable and relaxing it was. Some of the parents told me their children wanted to go fishing, but had no-one to help or go with them.  I thought this would be a good reason to start the fishing club. Early starter sessions were a huge success.  By bringing along the parents on days out we had a great team of helpers on hand and a great means of bringing families and young people together.”

“Buying the equipment would have been a big challenge as this would have been very expensive and not within our resources, so we are very pleased Dreamstore was so generous.”

Mo also talked about the legacy that has been created by the Centre’s investment in time and energy in establishing the fishing club.

The project has steadily grown and there is now a waiting list of over 25 young people wanting to join the Centre’s fishing club. The Halton Brook Centre is an outstanding example of how angling can be used to engage young people in a positive recreational activity, involve parents and engage local Clubs and anglers to give their time for free.