New vision

Dreamstore is always keen to learn how new groups have discovered the value of angling to its members. For over ten years we’ve supported the work of the Royal National College for the Blind and the RNC Angling Club. Our SightLines  project supported by Awards for All was a great opportunity to offer tips from what the RNC had learned over the years.

We were pleased to learn of a new group in the West Midlands that has discovered the value of Angling. Angling Unlimited, Dreamstore’s West Midlands partner, recently organised a Visually Impaired Taster Session day for Birmingham Vision. Luke Hedley, Birmingham Vision’s Sports Participation Co-ordinator explains:

“Fishing is something that a lot of our blind and partially sighted service users have never tried before or perhaps tried many years ago before they lost their sight and have since been unable to take part. Being able to offer a fishing taster session for so many people was fantastic and I think that was evident through both the extremely quick filling up of spaces, and the turn out on the day.”











And following the day’s activities?

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only did everybody enjoy the fishing (everybody caught at least two fish, the most being eight!) but for a lot of people, it was the chance to be outside in the fresh air – something that they may not always be able to do.“

The VI day was a great success, with both Birmingham Vision and Angling Unlimited hoping to build on that success in the future.

More information on fishing and Visual Impairment can be found on the RNC Angling Club website including answers to many Frequently Asked Questions.