New Year, new equipment, and new RNC Angling Club students.

Students at the Royal National College for the Blind welcomed the start of a new year with the RNC Angling Club, also giving the new Preston Innovations equipment its first outing. It was a cold start to the day, after a night frost, but spirits were high – and warmed with early morning flasks and bacon rolls. The day was organised by RNC Angling’s Barry Morris, Lead Project Officer Pastoral Support at the College, and supported by recent Dreamstore Academy graduate Dave Newman.  

RNC Angling Club
Pat, Lucy, Dave, Jan, Gareth and Tom in the front.

There was a wide range of experience among the enthusiastic group. Pat has use of one arm but learnt to cast. Lucy had never been before but by the end was doing everything for herself; including handling the maggots! Dave hadn’t been since very young, though quickly regained of his latent skills. Jan had been fishing just once before, but was soon well in the swing of things.  Gareth had fished years before, and he’s been discussing with Barry the possibility of contacting a club in Swansea when he leaves the College. Tom has been a regular with the RNC Angling Club for the past two years and gives great encouragement to the other students from the benefit of his learning experiences.

  Barry Morris, commented:

“The fishing equipment Dreamstore provided around five years ago had been given a good outing and needed replaced. A big  thanks from the RNC Angling Club to Dreamstore, once again, for its Grant Support and to Preston Innovations for its excellent equipment. The work of the RNC Angling Club really does make a big difference to individuals with visual impairment. Angling engages a person’s senses in a way that offers both a challenge and absolute achievement, making it an ideal outdoor activity for the visually impaired.” 

Barry runs a great programme at the Royal National College and Dreamstore looks forward to working with him on developing an exciting new programme in the year ahead.