Nine Maidens glad to be all at sea

A small grant was awarded to help The Nine Maidens Centre with the organisation of its angling activities by purchasing the appropriate equipment and organising a ‘reward’ for your young people and families.

The Nine Maidens Centre supported programmes for children, and their families, who have extreme emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. The Centre aimed to keep young people 11-14 close to their families rather than boarding schools, providing lessons in the morning and then constructive leisure in the afternoons.

Undertaking coarse and sea angling, the young people and families are now encouraged to join the local club which provides a positive environment which may not otherwise be available.

Rosalind Brooks, who led the project at Nine Maidens comments:

“Thanks to Dreamstore the young people at Nine Maidens gained an excellent opportunity to do something that really engaged their imagination and gained experience that they will carry with them.”

Lee said:

“I loved fishing on the day I caught a Pollock which was 1 lb my mates caught loads of fish too James caught a 4lb Pollock and rozy the teacher caught a 5lb Pollock.

The wracks weren’t bringing any fish up so we done reef fishing instead we caught mackerel Pollock and launce we were using jelly worms and feathers.”

James wrote to Dreamstore:

“The best bit of the day was catching the big Pollack-4lb 6oz.

It felt big.

We fished out of Falmouth on Gemini Breeze with skipper Rob Searle.

We fished off reefs near the manacles off The Lizard.

The bait was jelly worms.

We caught mackerel first.

We were out for 5 hours.

It was really good.”

The Nine Maidens Centre was closed in 2007. The equipment was handed over to Halstead School to be used with young people on angling trips. Halstead had worked with the Nine Maidens Centre on its angling programme.

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