Orri Vigfusson Lifetime Achievement Leads 2007 Dreamstore Awards

Left to right; Orri Vigfússon (Lifetime Achievement Award), Peter James, South Staffs Angling for All (Group Award), John Clasby, Wessex Water (Business/Agency Award), Emile Tambeth, Fishing4U (Social Inclusion Award).

Orri Vigfússon was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award, (click here for more info), at the 2007 Dreamstore Active Awards, supported by Bank of Scotland Corporate held at Chesford Grange, Warwickshire.  Also presented Awards on the evening were Fishing4U, A Hastings Social Inclusion Award, Wessex Water, Best Business/Agency 2007, and South Staffs Angling For All for its work with disability groups in the region.  Dreamstore Active Awards are unique in the angling world for focusing on the individuals and organisations generating making a difference for others.

David Hoey from Dreamstore Active comments:

Dreamstore Active created the Awards night to highlight the tremendous work and effort that goes into activity that may otherwise be overlooked or passed by. The underlying message of this year’s Awards is that success if often driven by those dedicated to doing their best, with a vision and passion to achieve. That is summed up to the greatest extent in Orri Vigfússon’s Lifetime work for the North Atlantic Salmon; Orri’s single-minded determination to succeed has done more for the conservation and promotion of the North Atlantic Salmon than any other individual or organization.”

In addition to the Lifetime Achievement Award, the three Awards presented at the black-tie Dreamstore Active Awards Dinner were:

Social Inclusion Award sponsored by Dreamstore UK – Fishing4U

Fishing4U is led by a part-time Community Fishing Development Officer for the Hastings Angling Participation Project which has introduced around 1500 kids to angling in just under two years. The project also aims to introduce young people to local angling clubs and conservation groups and encourage them to become active members of those community groups. Read the full story here.

Best Business/Agency 2007 Award – Wessex Water

While Angling is obviously not the core activity of this business, Wessex Water has listened to advice from within angling to create excellent opportunity for all anglers, including the creation of a positive angling experience for the disabled at its Tucking Mill centre. The Company has successfully provided integrated provision of recreational use of water, opening access for all. Read the full story here.

Group Award – South Staffs Angling for All

This group of enthusiastic volunteers is entirely dedicated to providing a positive angling experience for disability and community groups across the region. South Staffs Angling for All. The 2007 Group Award is richly deserved. Read the full story here.