Outdoors with SWIIS

Earlier this year Dreamstore UK was happy to support SWIIS Foster Care in Dundee with a Small Grant to acquire  a selection of spinning and fly fishing rods and tackle. This enabled the SWIIS team to take young people fishing whenever there was an opportunity, rather than having to go fishing when able to beg or borrow enough kit to spend a day out.

Fishing events were organised as part of the annual SWIIS summer programme. These were two day events. The first day was spent away from the water, teaching Health & Safety, angling etiquette and familiarising the young people with the equipment.

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Day two, the young people put this new found knowledge into practice and they couldn’t wait to cast their first line.

Sandy McLeod, SWIIS Education worker commented:

“Some of our young people can’t sit still for a minute but I was amazed how  calm and focused they were and how determined they were to catch a fish. The best bit for the staff was seeing the young people being able sit and chill and take in the beautiful surroundings.”

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“Thank you Dreamstore for all your help.”

A brilliant time for all, outdoors, catching fish.

Though for some, with all that fresh air and activity, it was a tiring day.

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