Perth’s Angling for Youth Development roll out the Dreamstore EAZ

At the start of the year Perth AFYD accepted delivery of a new Dreamstore EAZ package, kindly sponsored by Crerar Hotels. End of April and AFYD in Perth held its first EAZ night with the Perth Boys Brigade & Girls Association.

Perth AFYD on the first DEAZ 'learning is fun night' with the Perth Boys Brigade & Girls Association

The young people learned about angling, how to fly fish and the different types of fish they might catch.

There were two group activities led by the AFYD team.

One game was learning how to cast, seeing how far they could reach on a mat designed to look like a river; with drawn circles that awarded points for distance. The second game was indoor angling for fish. Each young person fished with a rod that had a soft-toy octopus ‘velcro-bait’ on the end; casting out and trying to catch the various species of fish that each had Velcro on their noses. The type and weight of each fish was written on one side, so at the end of the night it was possible to calculate who had the biggest catch!

The winning team with the highest score was Andrew Kirkham, Heather Winters, Lily- Anna Conroy and Kyle Moffat. Each received a baseball cap and T-shirt.  

Heather Winters, Kyle Moffat, Lily-Anna Conroy, Andrew Kirkham.

Runners up Nairn Robertson, Harrison Poritt, Samuel Porrit and Hannah Kirkham received baseball caps and a fish of their choice..

Samuel Porrit with AFYD coach. Also Hannah Kirkham, Harrison Poritt, and Nairn Robertson

Jake Munro of Perth AFYD commented:

“The group thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills. The Dreamstore EAZ is amazingly realistic and very close to actual fishing at first principles. The young people were totally absorbed and, probably unwittingly, learned the basic skills needed for the bankside. We hope take the obvious next step very soon, where the group will go to a river to fish with the AFYD team.”

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