Planning ahead.

With added skills from Dreamstore Academy, the team at Mounts Bay Angling Society has almost doubled its junior membership over the past few years.

The great achievement of the Angling Society was aided by getting out beyond the club, and organising events along with the Cornwall Children’s University (CCU) and the Penwith Community Development Trust (PCDT). The plan is to increase the membership of the Juniors to around 60 by the end of 2017.

Success has also been partly down to engaging with and encouraging participation of parents and grandparents to volunteer to help with activities, and for some to be prepared to become Assistant Leaders. That support is hugely appreciated and needs to be nurtured and reciprocated.

Dreamstore is pleased to be able to help further build this successful endeavour. There was no hesitation in supporting a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) first aid course for a dozen volunteers. While emergency first aid is as essential part of any coaching course, and important to be updated regularly, the RYA course has particular relevance to the sea anglers of the Mounts Bay Angling Club and its volunteers. There is special emphasis on drowning, cold water shock, hypothermia, as well as obtaining radio medical advice and evacuation by helicopter. Sea angling often involves fishing in slightly more remote venues, or on boats at sea, and the time it might take for emergency services to reach a location can be that bit longer – and more dramatic.

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Money well spent, and necessary to supporting a growing Junior section and band of volunteers. With at least 22 events per year, over and above days out fishing, this investment in growing the team and raising the standards of care is not just admirable, its essential.