Rednal Junior School

Having tested the DEAZ at a Special Needs school, Dreamstore agreed to work with Get Hooked on Fishing Midlands at a mainstream school prior to moving to a full DEAZ pilot programme.

Rednal Junior School year 3 was invited to our indoor DEAZ, with an outdoor experience promised next summer term. The school wished to have the DEAZ as a means of building team and group identity among pupils who had just entered the new school environment.

Thirty pupils in the morning and thirty pupils in the afternoon were introduced to four DEAZ activities. Maggot Alley and the Litter Grab conservation activities were popular. Most popular was the Fishing Mat, and the most challenging activity that created the greatest level of concentration was the Pole Pot that tested the pupils skill at dropping a bait (in this case a squash ball) into a series of pots.

This was a hectic period, with huge levels of excitement and interest among the pupils and an exhausting day for the coaches, especially for those who were used to smaller, less excited groups on the water side.

Once again a huge success, with the school reporting that the pupils were still sharing their experiences a day or two later, delivering on the principal outcome desired by the school.

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