RNC Angling Club a huge success.

The RNC Angling Club was created in 2007 after lead project office Pastoral Care at the Royal National College for the Blind, Barry Morris gained an angling coaching qualification at Dreamstore Academy.  Barry was supported by the BDAA and Dreamstore in establishing the Angling Club to provide angling teaching and advice for those with visual impairment, and to trail and adapt equipment and techniques. 

At the recent Dreamstore Day, Dreamstore’s Nigel Hawkins was delighted to be able to present a cheque for £500 to Barry to support the work of the RNC Angling Club. 

Dreamstore's Nigel Hawkins presents a cheque to Barry Morris to support the work of the RNC Angling Club with the visually impaired.

Barry’s greatest challenge has been in finding safe and accessible waters for the visually impaired.  Commenting on the continued support from Dreamstore and what it enables him to achieve for those attending the College he says:

Although the constraints of the timeable mean the numbers I am able to coach are not huge, those who participate at the very least take away wonderful sensory memories and experiences, and we know that many continue to fish with family and friends after they leave RNC. Our small programme has the potential to make a huge impact on the lifes of many.

We hope to hear more from Barry in the near future on Dreamstore Update.